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21 June 2012 @ 12:21 pm
Hello and welcome to Team Isles!

Your Team Leader is muses_mistress. If you ever have any questions, you may ask either your team leader or myself (theonlyspl). If anyone else would like to be a team leader, we have space for one more, so let us know! :)

Please obey all the rules.

Additional Rules for the team:
1. Respect your team leaders! They have the power to remove you from the group!
2. If any of your posts/entries contain mature content, please use the LJ cut and give a warning/rating.
3. Please ask a mod before posting anything that you are unsure of.
4. You may also need your own personal signature banner. For more information on this, go here.

If you are new to the team, please fill out this form about yourself and paste it as a new post. This will help your team members to get to know you a little better ;)

<b>How did you become a fan of Rizzoli & Isles?</b>
<b>Favorite Character(s):</b>
<b>Ships (couples):</b>
<b>Other Fandoms You Love:</b>
<b>Anything else you wanna tell us?</b>

Useful Links: